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  • Rave Reviews For In The Reign Of Terror

    John Eidsmoe Reviews In The Reign Of Terror

    “Bill Heid's dramatic audio production of G.A. Henty's In the Reign of Terror can be capsulized in three words:
    Riveting!   Assembling a world-class cast of professional actors and adding sound effects, Bill has made Henty's book truly come alive. Safety feature: If you listen to CDs while driving, as I do, you won't fall asleep at the wheel while listening to this.

    Enlightening!   The drama of young Harry and his heroic action to save a Christian family of French aristocrats takes place in the backdrop of the French Revolution, and the historical events that occur during the drama give listeners a feel for what it was really like to live in France during this turbulent time.

    Illuminating!   Conversations between Harry and other characters help listeners understand that, unlike the American War for Independence which was based on "the laws of nature and of nature's God," the French Revolution was a coup d'etat by armed thugs who represented nobody but themselves and based their "revolution" on the rejection of Christianity and the glorification of human reason and which therefore degenerated into the Reign of Terror that flowed with innocent human blood. As one of the characters says at the end, the symbol of the American War for Independence is the Liberty Bell; the symbol of the French Revolution is the guillotine.

    Must-listening for children and adults alike!”
    John A. Eidsmoe, Colonel(MS), Mississippi State Guard
    Senior Counsel, Foundation for Moral Law
    Pastor, Association of Free Lutheran Congregations

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  • ​2-CD "Active Listening" Audio Adventure captivates children's
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  • ​Turns travel time into fun, exciting "Adventure Time"
  • ​An exciting new way of learning history
  • ​Teaches strong moral values like daring, determination and duty
  • ​Wholesome Entertainment For Families

  • Original Captain Bayley’s Heir
    Score By John Campbell
    Emmy Award Winning Composer


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